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Systemic Yeast Infection:
WHY Systemic Yeast Infection
is So Dangerous


Systemic yeast infection, also called an "opportunistic" infection or systemic candidiasis , is a serious fungal overgrowth condition in which Candida invades the deeper areas of our body. Systemic yeast infection occurs when candida shifts from its normal state of yeast to the formof fungus and invades the bloodstream, the liver and the urinary tract. Systemic yeast infection is extremely difficult to detect and kill than any of the local Candida subtypes.

Systemic Yeast Infection

There are three different levels of candidiasis, ranked by their severity:

  1. Occasional infection (i.e. vaginal candidiasis, candida balanitis, oral thrush etc.) that occurs among approx. 75 percent of individuals, especially women and babies, at least once in a lifetime.

  1. Chronic infection that may be a mere symptom of more severe   conditions, such as a compromised immune system.

  1. Systemic "opportunistic" infection, which isn't limited to a particular region of the body but affect the entire body, causing symptoms like unexlain fatigue, sensory disturbances, muscle aches, persistent migraines, general weakness, dizziness and respiratory disturbancies. Also gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhea, oral thrush, constipations and gas, itching and burning in the rectal area may be an evidence for opportunistic infection.


Candidiasis occur when Candida species, which are naturally present in the warm, moist body's environments (vagina, mouth and intestines), grow out of control. "Opportunistic" infection is a condition in which the immune system fails to control Candida multiplication in your body. If our immune system doesn't keep the Candida under control and/or if the intestinal environment is either high in sugar/acid or in toxins, the conditions become favorable for systemic yeast infection.


When systemic candidiasis occurs, the Candida becomes invasive and attacks all body's parts and organ systems, including eyes, skin, blood, liver, esophagus, digestive system, respiratory system etc. Severe systemic candidiasis may seriously affect an individual's daily functioning and general well being.

Systemic Candida infection causes

Systemic Candida infection has no single cause but can be aroused by various internal circumstances, such as compromised immune system, granulocytopenia (deficiency of white blood cells), unhealthy diet and lifestyle, neglected local yeast infection, loss of friendly bacteria etc. In addition to that, some external factors can aggravate an existing "opportunistic" infection condition (such as tight clothing, foods that feed the yeast, antibiotics, birth control pills, daily stress).


In the past it was assumed that candidiasis occurred locally and than could be effectively eliminated with topical antifungal medication. Nowadays, it is widely understood that yeast overgrowth in the body is actually caused by a deeper internal imbalance and due to more than one cause/factor bur rather by a set of conditions/circumstances. For this reason, considering holistic treatment for this medical condition may be especially beneficial.


It is important to note that comprehensive holistic treatment shouldn't be confused with a simple dietary changes. While eliminating sweets, refined flour and flour products (such as glutinous grains, pastas, breads and cereal products), and a general reduction of dairy products, alcohol, fruits and soy products (as most contain antinutrients) may be highly beneficial for systemic yeast infection sufferers; it is only one part of the puzzle. These foods (especially sugars and refined carbohydrates) feed the yeast that thrives in sugary environments. In addition to that, large doses of probiotics, vegetables (especially green ones) and healthy fats (including coconut oil and avocado) are necessary in order to reestablish a healthy intestinal flora.

While these dietary changes can provide an immediate relief, combining that with a complete spectrum of holistic treatment for systemic yeast infection (e.g. homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies, dietary, detoxification and lifestyle changes) can fix the underlying cause of systemic yeast infection, and hence have considerable advantage over most conventional treatments that merely touch the surface of this condition.



Systemic Yeast Infection

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Systemic Yeast Infection

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