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Can I Use Tampons If I Have Yeast Infection?

Are tampons okay with yeast infection? I get this question a lot from my customers. While the opinions of the specialists on this issue may vary significantly, there is considerable evidence that supports the negative association between the use of tampons and this medical condition. Several popular medical articles had even blamed tampons for "causing" yeast infections.

Tampons Okay With Yeast Infection

The fact is that tampons cannot actually cause yeast infection. The causal agent of this impairment, also known as Candida infection or candidiasis, is Candida microorganism overgrowth. Candida are microscopic fungi that naturally live within the healthy human body and are kept in balance by the friendly "helper bacteria" (flora) that live in our bodies and help us digest food and ward off infections from other bacteria, viruses or parasites. Under certain conditions, including (but not limited to) pregnancy, the use of antibiotics, contracting diseases like diabetes and other conditions that weaken the immune system, Candida starts to multiply rapidly. This is when Candida penetrates the blood stream and settles in various parts of human body, provoking candidiasis symptoms.

Candida root causes are complex, interrelating and definitely not limited to using any kind of toiletries. That said using scented tampons, alongside with douching, the frequent use of scented soaps and feminine-hygiene sprays might trigger or aggravate vaginal yeast infection. Here's why:

1. Tampons, especially the
scented ones, are known as significant allergens. Frequent allergies may compromise the immune system (the proper functioning of the immune system is necessary to control Candida).

In healthy individuals, the human body has an optimal acid-alkaline ratio, which is the balance between the negatively charged ions (alkaline-forming) and the positively charges ions (acid-forming). When this balance is disrupted, many health impairments can occur; for instance, switching to extra acidity creates an ideal environment for Candida overgrowth. Scented toiletries affect the pH of the vagina, making it more acidic and thus can cause women to become more prone to candidiasis.

For the above-mentioned reasons, when using bath soaps or products such as tampons, toilet paper, pads, pantiliners or sanitary pads, always pick unscented, hypoallergenic and preferably organic if available.

Keep in mind that avoiding tampons and other toiletries is not enough to prevent or cure yeast infection. Using natural alternatives to allergy causing toiletries and paraphernalia is only a small part of a complete holistic solution.  

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