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Toddler Girl Suffers from Yeast Infection: PROBLEMS and Challenges

Yeast infections are commonly associated with adult women, but they are quite common in toddler girls too. Yeast is a part of the normal flora of the skin, mucus membranes, digestive tract and the genitourinary tract. But when the beneficial bacteria are killed by antibiotics or if there is very little saliva produced or the acidity of the mouth changes or if the immunity is weakened due to certain diseases or disorders then the yeast grows unchecked causing Candidiasis.

Toddler Girl Yeast Infection


A yeast infection is actually an overgrowth of the yeast in the body. In toddlers, a yeast infection may present as thrush (in the oral cavity) or diaper rash (severe forms of rash are actually yeast infections). Toddlers most susceptible to yeast infections are those in diapers, those treated with antibiotics, children with diabetes mellitus, children treated with steroids, and those with a compromised immune system. Diapers trap heat and moisture and are an ideal environment for yeast. Toddler girls can develop a yeast infection of the skin in the diaper area as well as in their vagina.

The best remedy for toddler yeast infection is to make sure they do not get them in the first place or to prevent recurring episodes. Decreasing sugar, processed foods, and refined carbohydrates in the diet, changing the diaper as frequently as possible, keeping the diaper area dry, giving probiotics etc. help prevent yeast infection. Feeding bottles, pacifiers, and other toys must be sterilized daily. Once the infection clears, discard old nipples and pacifiers and buy new ones. However, it is best to treat the thrush or diaper rash as soon as it appears to prevent exacerbation. Nystatin applied on the rash twice a day is enough to take care of it. If this fails Diflucan is given as once a day dose. Visit the pediatrician before starting any treatment.


However, using antifungal medications in toddlers should be avoided as far as possible. It is advisable to try out home remedies like application of aloe vera, chamomile bags on the rash, diluted tea tree oil, or apple cider vinegar locally to the yeast infection. The toddler may be bathed in tub of warm water to which vinegar is added. Baking soda solution applied to the rash is also useful.  Grapefruit seed extract, garlic, yoghurt, etc. can be given internally.

Starting out in life with harmful medications is a poor choice.  A good choice would be to get holistic treatment for the toddler's yeast infection. This will get rid of the yeast infection once and for all without the expense and harmful side effects of medications and drugs.

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