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Vaginal Candidiasis:
Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Vaginal Candidiasis is a very frequent problem and literally every one of three ladies faces this traumatic phase once or the other in her life. This fungal infection is a major concern amongst many women and the lack of awareness is hampering our society in many ways. The Candida species are already present in the tracts and moist areas in certain proportions. Anyhow, if they start overgrowing, they can play havoc. The other microorganisms in the female body are the ones that restrict the growth of Candida fungus. Hastened multiplication of this fungus leads to Vaginal Candidiasis.
Vaginal Candidiasis


Many triggers might play a major role in the aggravation of Vaginal Candidiasis. If you wear extremely tight and body hugging clothes, the sweat might just clog and lead to infection. The heat just remains and there is no ventilation whatsoever. The moisture level also increases and the growth of Candida fungus gets facilitated.

Sexual intercourse, pregnancy and even some of the oral contraceptives might lead to Vaginal Candidiasis. Even wearing synthetic clothes can lead to yeast infections. People tend to use wrong lubricants like glycerin and petroleum gel for lubrication and therefore tend to incur vaginal yeast infection. Even psychological imbalance can lead to this problem. Today's lifestyle is as it is hectic and strenuous and therefore, it is extremely important that one follows a healthy lifestyle. An unhealthy diet regimen is one of the major causes that trigger vaginal Candidiasis. There are a lot of causative factors of reoccurrence and therefore one has to really counter this problem in a foolproof way.

Let us know the symptoms

The vaginal tract infection can be detected in a number of ways. There is cheesy discharge from the vagina and this is totally odorless. There is itchy feeling all the time and too much of scratching even leads to irritation. During urination, there is a weird tingling sensation in the genital area. Having sex becomes really difficult as the area pains a lot. Vaginal Candidiasis also makes the pubic area quite unhygienic and an unpleasant odor continuously keeps coming.

Piece of advice

Vaginal Candidiasis can be treated in many ways. There are many creams that are available in the market and the doctor might even advice a number of over the counter methods. Anyhow, all of these methods only last for a short while. If one is really seeking long term benefits, one has to go in for holistic approach. You are going to be relieved of all the pain and you are sure to be freed of the stress that accompanies vaginal Candidiasis. Holistic healing will eliminate the problem from the very root level and inhibit the reoccurrence of the vaginal Candidiasis in the future.

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