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Vaginal Yeast Infection OTC Medicines Had Proven UNEFFECTIVE

Vaginal yeast infection OTC medicines do a roaring business. Women are tempted to buy these medicines to either get relief from the symptoms of yeast infection or to make an attempt to treat this condition at a person level. However, have you ever really taken into consideration the side effects of these medicines? Have you ever really wondered if these medicines are really as effective as it is commonly supposed? If you have not, then now is the time to understand the hidden threats of OTC drugs before you fall prey to their outward charms.  
Vaginal Yeast Infection OTC Medicines


Nature of the medicines:

Today you just have to walk into a medical store and demand vaginal yeast infection OTC medicines.  You will be shown so many diverse versions of the medications including Creams, lotions, and pills. Majority of such medicaments make use of at least 1 amongst the 4 main kinds of the products such as butoconazole, miconazole, tioconazole, and clotrimazole nitrate. These products destroy Candida microbe's cell wall effectively thereby providing relief from the condition for a short while. Other usual kinds of medications that are purchased over-the-counter are inclusive of antihistamines, better known as the topical anesthetics. These medicaments can cause the reduction of symptoms. However, as the actual fundamental connecting agent that cause vaginal yeast infection never gets targeted, such medications prove to be ineffective and thrive only due to concentrated advertising and marketing for promotion. Though it cannot be denied that OTC medicines might bring relief on the temporary basis, these medicines fail miserably to deliver their promises when it comes to a permanent cure. This is because attacking Candida organism causing yeast infection cannot be equated with removal of underlying cause, as it can only lead to uncontrolled multiplication with regards to otherwise risk-free fungus. Besides this, there are several side effects of almost all the OTC medicines. These include simple side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, itchiness, soreness and even dangerous side effects like liver damage and kidney failure in the long run. People suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer can suffer from many other problems if they make use of these medicines on a daily basis. 

Other limitations:

Medication purchased over-the-counter, i.e. OTC for the yeast infection regarding vagina can cause numerous negative aspects. They might be inclusive of the following:

Too accessible

The OTC medicines are too accessible and hence are purely for boosting sales and are not prepared by taking into view the welfare of the people. 

Effective only on symptoms


Such medications provide relief only from symptoms like pains and inflammations, but don't do anything for getting rid of actual cause of yeast infection as the causative factors like hormonal imbalance, stress and other lifestyle related issues are not addressed by these medicines.

Heavy price tag with cheap returns:

Vaginal yeast infection OTC medicines are very expensive in the long run. As you never get cured of this condition you will keep on buying the products leading to a steadily depleting bank balance. On top of it all, the medicines are completely ineffective.

With so many disadvantages and serious side effects you should stay away from vaginal yeast infection OTC pills. The best way in which you can cure your condition is by taking help from holistic approach. Holistic approach addresses the root cause and causative factors of vaginal yeast infection and therefore aim to kill. This approach is also based on natural principles of healing and therefore treatment causes no side effects. As holistic approach takes into consideration multidimensional and comprehensive form of treatment, it is adept at treating you at both physical and emotional level. Hence, the strength you derive from this treatment proves to be indispensable when curing vaginal yeast infection. 

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