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Vaginal Yeast Infection in Pregnancy:
PROTECT Yourself and Your Baby

Many women have to cope with the inevitable when they get vaginal yeast infection in pregnancy. However, contrary to popular belief, vaginal yeast infection is very common in women. Also, it can be managed fairly well, if you take appropriate treatment at the right time.

Vaginal Yeast Infection In Pregnancy

Understanding vaginal infection

Vaginal yeast infection, also called as monilial vaginitis is caused primarily due to microscopic fungi, Candida albicans. Usually, Candida albicans is found in all women. However, sometimes, there is an uncontrolled growth of this fungus leading to many problems and complications. The risk factor of contracting vaginal yeast infection is particularly high during pregnancy, because of greater levels of estrogen. Estrogen is directly responsible for producing glycogen in the vagina. Hence, yeast infection, which thrives in glycogen , is more likely to haunt pregnant women than others.

Sometimes, special pregnancy antibiotics can also lead to the growth of vaginal yeast infection in pregnant women. It is fortunately very easy to detect the presence of the yeast infection in pregnant women. Some common symptoms include irritation, redness, burning sensation during urination, vaginal discharge which can be white as well as pale yellow.   Symptoms may also vary according to the intensity of the infection. Though this type of infection does not pose threat to the unborn child or the mother, it does lead to significant amount of distress and discomfort. Hence, it is imperative that you seek treatment to deal with this disease.

Complications of treatment

Vaginal yeast infection is considered to be harmless in its initial stages. However, you cannot treat this type of infection without understanding the complexities involved.

1) Vaginal yeast infection in pregnancy should not be treated without consulting the practitioner.

2) Over the counters and some forms of prescription drugs can be unsafe during pregnancy. Hence, conventional medication may not be always useful when treating vaginal yeast infection in pregnancy.

3) Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection and some forms of sexually transmitted disease may be similar. Hence, proper diagnosis is essential before undergoing any form of treatment.

4) You cannot rely on home remedies either because of the risks involved during pregnancy.

Besides the above complications, it is also true that your infection may return, in the absence of proper treatment. Therefore, in order to treat vaginal yeast infection in pregnancy, you will have to consider alternate options like holistic approach to help you get freedom from this uncomfortable ailment.

Holistic approach along with alternative therapy can help you wipe out the very cause of the infection that may be leading to vaginal yeast infection in pregnancy. Unlike the conventional medication, holistic approach uses natural techniques to cure this disease. The holistic practitioner can also help you make critical lifestyle changes that are essential to deal with yeast infection and keep it at bay during the rest of the pregnancy term. Hence, when it comes to appropriate treatment for vaginal yeast infection in pregnancy, you cannot do better than alternative medication and holistic approach.  Despite this, follow any type of holistic treatment only after consulting your physician first to get more benefits from this treatment. 

Vaginal Yeast Infection in Pregnancy

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Vaginal Yeast Infection in Pregnancy

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