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What Can You Take to Cure a Yeast Infection While Pregnant?

Yeast infection is also called Candidiasis and it is the medical condition characterized by the overgrowth of the fungus or yeast known as Candida albicans. Yeast infection is quite common in women and the pregnant women are more likely to suffer from it. Treating yeast infection during pregnancy can be tricky due to harsh medicines. So, the problem is what can you take to cure a yeast infection while pregnant? The questions can be answered in many ways but genuine solutions remains only one. 

What Can You Take To Cure A Yeast Infectioni While Pregnant

Causes of Yeast Infection during Pregnancy

In order to answer the question, what can you take to cure yeast infection while pregnant, you first have to understand the cause of this condition. One of the most important causative factors of yeast infection is hormonal imbalance. The pregnant woman's body undergoes significant hormonal changes during the time of pregnancy. There are many chemical changes taking place within the body and this alters the vaginal environment.  The pH level of the vagina changes as there is excessive sugar in the vaginal secretion and the yeast thrives on it. This causes an imbalance and results in overgrowth of fungus. The other common triggers of yeast infection are stress, lifestyle factors, poor diet and hygiene, diabetes, excessive blood sugar and more.

Remedies for yeast infection:

Any remedy for yeast infection should have the capacity of addressing the root cause without causing any side effects. Many of the following remedies fail, as they don't take these factors into consideration: 

OTC medicines: Certain types of OTC drugs including vagisil and monistat are considered to be safe for use during pregnancy. However, individual allergic reaction can be possible.

Use of solutions: There are different types of solutions and concoctions which women normally take to ward off yeast infection while pregnant. The most common one is a douche of peroxide and water. This is supposed to be safe and works to relieve yeast infection as it realizes extra oxygen in the vagina killing off the yeast.

Yogurt: Yogurt is a natural remedy that causes no side effects. It can replace the other microorganisms that keep Candida fungus in check. Yogurt can also relieve the symptoms of this condition. However it is very messy to use.

Other natural ingredients: Garlic is an anti fungal agent that is used by many women to relieve the symptoms of yeast infection. Another common remedy is the use of apple cider vinegar during bathing. Besides this, some irrelevant and untested remedies are also used by women ranging on gruesome to laughable. 

These remedies never work permanently to cure yeast infection, and as the question is what can you take to cure yeast infection while pregnant, the answers are completely unsatisfactory. In order to have the perfect solution for the problem you should make use of a comprehensive and multidimensional treatment measure that is provided only by holistic approach. Holistic approach is effective as it attacks the root cause of the condition and not just the symptoms. It's multifaceted techniques like cleansing, diet and lifestyle modification along with regular natural treatment enables the woman to get rid of yeast infection in a safe and secure manner. There are no side effects of this approach either and hence both you and your baby can bask in the glory of your new relationship without the threat of sly yeast infection.      

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