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Yeast Infection at 39 Weeks Pregnant:
PROTECT Yourself and Your Baby

Yeast infection is a common problem especially for women at 39 weeks' pregnancy. Usually, it is caused by a physiological or hormonal disturbance in the body, the reason why pregnant women are more prone to having this kind of infection. Since a pregnant woman's body is adjusting to accommodate the pregnancy, they are likely to experience yeast infection, some say between their third to sixth month until they give birth.

Yeast Infection At 39 Weeks Pregnant

You can tell if you're having a yeast infection when you start seeing a discharge of a cottage-cheese like fluid from your vagina which smells like bread. You will also experience burning, itching and soreness.

It is always recommended to see your doctor upon experiencing such symptoms. Your doctor should be the one who would make the proper diagnosis to ensure what infection hit you. Who knows, you might be mistaking a Sexually Transmitted Disease for a yeast infection. Yeast infection's symptoms are very similar with other vaginal infections so it's better to be safe in knowing you're real state instead of immediately resorting to self-medication without even consulting a professional.

What makes most women worry, though, is whether such an infection could derail their pregnancy or worse, have an adverse effect on the baby they're carrying. The good thing is it won't, except maybe for the possibility that an unattended infection may be passed to the baby as it is born. The important thing to consider, are the medications you are taking. These are the ones more likely to have side effects that could endanger your baby. As what have been said earlier, you should first consider meeting your doctor before acting on the infection.

The most important thing of course, as you are pregnant, is to be cautious with your intake. Although a yeast infection symptoms can be easily relieved using various home remedies, its recurrence should be expected especially when you are still pregnant. Having a balanced diet could help. You can also include yogurt as part of your eating habit while confining your sugar intake into lesser amounts. Drink plenty glasses of water and always keep your vagina dry. Moist and warm areas are a haven for yeast infections. Not exhibiting them could help you avoid it. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Did you know that all types of yeast infections could be cured permanently and safely using all-natural holistic methods? Pregnant women looking for a comprehensive lasting solution for their yeast infections can adopt the holistic approach by taking a combination of specific home remedies to relive the symptoms along with following a set of holistic 100% natural protocols aimed at tackling the root causes of your medical condition.

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