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Yeast Infection Burning With No Discharge Is It Possible?

Yeast infection is scientifically known as Candidiasis and this medical condition results due to overgrowth of the yeast or fungus called Candida albicans. This yeast is present in the various body parts like skin, under the nails, gut, oesophageal lining, respiratory tract, genital areas and mouth etc. there are many symptoms associated with this condition, however, yeast infection with burning, no discharge is by far the most mystifying one. However, by understanding the nature of yeast infection, you can deal with this symptom without many problems. 
Yeast Infection Burning No Discharge

Yeast Infection Causes

Yeast infection is attributed to only one cause and that is the excess growth of Candida fungus. However, there are many external as well as internal causative factors that trigger the growth of Candida. A few of them include stress, lifestyle factors, poor dietary habits, excessive sugar intake, hormonal imbalance, weakened immunity, certain drugs like steroids or antibiotics or contraceptive pills, sexual transmission, genital injuries etc. The person is first alerted to this condition when these symptoms of yeast infection start surfacing.

Unusual symptoms:

Typically yeast infection is associated with common symptoms like genital redness, soreness and inflammation, white clumpy discharge from the vagina in case of women and from the penis in case of men. However it is not necessary that each of these symptoms are true to each individual. In some cases you can also experience yeast infection with burning, no discharge. It is not quite clear why some people don't get white clumpy discharge despite having yeast infection. However recent research has shown that about 30% of women who have vaginal yeast infection never complained of having discharge, while around 13% of others did not experience genital burning either. Hence, if you are not able to get common yeast infection symptoms, you should not jump to conclusions about your present condition. Even if you don't experience all the symptoms typically the common ones like white cheesy discharge, you should pay attention to the other symptoms of this condition like inflammation of the genitals, discomfort during sexual intercourse, painful urination, itching of the vagina (in women) or the penis (in men) and more. Therefore, if you are prone to yeast infection, don't wait for the common symptoms to occur before you seek treatment.

Treatment for yeast infection:

It is very natural for a person to seek treatment that addresses the symptoms of yeast infection. However it is not very rational to think only about the symptoms, as until and unless the underlying disease is not cured, you cannot get respite from the painful consequences of the condition either. Hence, rather than seeking superficial treatment options like conventional medicine, you should depend instead upon comprehensive and insightful methods like holistic approach.  Holistic approach is effective as it takes the individual differences into account during treatment, hence rather than getting puzzled about yeast infection with burning, no discharge, the practitioner will find out different ways in which to deal with the uniqueness of the condition. Holistic approach also makes use of different protocols like diet and lifestyle changes, use of vitamins and other natural ingredients to strengthen the immune system to provide relief from the condition. Hence, no matter why kind of yeast infection you have and irrespective of the symptoms you get, you can get relief from both only with the help of holistic approach.        

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