Yeast Infection In Toddler
- Is Your Child Safe?

Yeast infection in toddlers is caused by overgrowth of the Candida in the infant’s body. Yeast infection in babies is often confused with a diaper rash. A diaper rash can be cured by common cures for rashes. But rashes due to yeast infection cannot be cured unless the yeast is eliminated.

Yeast Infection In Toddler

Yeast Infection In Toddler


Yeast infection in toddler usually manifests itself as

  • Oral thrush – Thrush commonly refers to an infection of the mouth and throat by a yeasty fungus known as Candida. Although small amounts of Candida are normally present in the mouth, w hen yeast overpopulates the oral mucosa, it causes the baby’s inner epithelial cells of mouth to peel off in layers or scales. It occurs as a layer of white or creamy deposit on tongue, gums, inner cheeks, tonsils, palate, etc. Reddish swellings apart from cottage-cheese-like appearance are also common. These can be painful to scrape or even to touch, and bleeding can follow. T he baby can easily get infected during childbirth by coming in contact with the cervical canal and vaginal walls.

  • Infection around genitals – It mainly occurs due to continuous use of diapers in moist and tight conditions where the Candida thrives in the warm folds of skin. Itching, swelling, burning and reddening of genitals accompanied by cottage-cheese-like discharge are the common symptoms.


Presence of Candida hyphae can be confirmed by laboratory tests on oral epithelial tissue. When thrush is suspected to have spread into the oesophagus, throat culture, endoscopy of throat and throat X-rays can be conducted to confirm its presence.

Epithelial cells from the affected areas of genitals can be studied under microscope to confirm the presence of Candida albicans.

Infants can show specific symptoms such as irritability, lack of sleep and trouble feeding.


A baby may acquire yeast infection while passing through the cervical canal of a yeast-infected mother during delivery. If the mother was on an antibiotic course during pregnancy, then she is likely to have a very low amount of probiotics in her body. Hence, the baby also obtains little or no probiotics from the mother’s body. Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that check Candida overgrowth by maintaining the pH balance and by leaving less room for the Candida to thrive. In the absence of probiotics, the baby has high chances of developing yeast infection. In a similar way, if the baby itself is given antibiotics after birth, it will be very susceptible to Candidiasis.

If a baby has oral thrush, then it can also acquire yeast infection in the genitals, as the food that passes through the yeast-infected mouth comes out of the genitals in the form of stool. If the diapers are not changed frequently, and the baby’s surroundings are not clean and dry, then the Candida can easily breed in the damp, warm conditions of the baby’s genitals and abdomen. Breastfed babies, if infected with oral thrush, pass on the infection to their mother’s breasts. Even if the baby is treated for thrush, it can acquire it again when it feeds from its mother’s breasts the next time. So, mothers should be extremely careful about cleaning their breasts thoroughly before feeding the baby.

If the baby is inherently low in immunity and does not receive adequate nutrition, it can easily acquire Candida yeast infection. Inappropriate bathing of the child can also trigger yeast infections. Harsh soaps can irritate the skin by making it extremely dry and can initiate Candidiasis.

To successfully do away with yeast infection in babies, all the contributing factors discussed above need to be mitigated, or else the infection will recur. Holistic treatment, which uses natural methods to address all the causes of yeast infection, is the only way that cures the condition completely and without side-effects. The Candida cannot be permanently alleviated by using even the strong anti-fungal agents. This is envisaged by the holistic way of treating Candidiasis in babies which eliminates the problem at the root and prevents its recurrence, also ensuring a healthier and stronger system at the same time.  


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