Yeast Infection During Pregnancy
Is A Precarious Possibility

In terms of hormones, pregnancy is the most turbulent and unpredictable period in a woman’s life. During this stage women experience drastic hormonal fluctuations daily and even hourly in some cases. Pregnancy is also associated with changes in blood sugar level keeping in sync with the baby’s ability to store food from the mother’s body to its own body in the form of glucose. Candida yeast infection or Candidiasis during pregnancy is estimated to happen in 15% of the pregnant women. Most of the cases have been reported in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy duration.

Yeast Infection Pregnancy

Why is Candidiasis common during pregnancy?

Pregnant women experience steep fluctuations in two main hormones, namely the progesterone and the oestrogen. These hormones are required to maintain and facilitate a healthy progress towards child-birth and to ensure the occurrence of the required developmental changes in the mother and the baby.

While these hormones are already present in a woman’s body even before pregnancy, there are a number of other hormones that are produced specifically during different stages of pregnancy. These are HPL (Human Placental Lactogen), Relaxin, Oxytocin, Prolactin, Cortisol, Insulin, Throxyine, Calcitonin, and Erthropoietin.

During pregnancy, the sugar level in the blood also fluctuates as per the baby’s ability to store food from the mother’s body to its own body in the form of glucose.

These drastic changes in hormones and blood sugar levels are too much for the probiotics to keep pace with. As such, they are no longer able to maintain the pH balance in the body – especially, in the vaginal area. This makes this area extremely prone to Candidiasis infection. Yeast infection and pregnancy thus go hand in hand for many women.

Risks due to Candidiasis during pregnancy

While Candidiasis itself is an embarrassing and irritating infection, its occurrence during pregnancy can be particularly risky. The vaginal area is particularly sensitive during pregnancy, and scraping it perpetually can cause the soft tissues to bleed. Although the mother cannot pass on the infection to the baby while it is inside her, the baby can easily get infected during childbirth by coming in contact with the cervical canal and vaginal walls.

Another risk is that the Candida might penetrate the gut wall and release wastes and toxins into the blood. While this blood is harmful to the mother, it can be even fatal to the baby, depending on the type of toxin and its concentration. (This is fairly rare situation, though).


Yeast infection can be cured by using anti-fungal agents – at least temporarily. Candisil, a natural anti-fungal agent can be used on prescription as it does not cause any side effects. Oral anti-fungal agents are known to cause complications in many women and so it is best to use anti-fungal agents in the form of topical application or suppository. The vaginal area can be kept dry with a non-starchy powder to keep it free from farther onset of Candida yeast infection.

Candidiasis may be triggered by a host of factors other than pregnancy, such as dietary imbalance, lack of sleep, unhealthy lifestyle, immunodeficiency, and unhealthy hygiene practices. It is often noted that Candidiasis during pregnancy continues even after things are back to normal. So, while pregnancy may be the cue, there may be more to Candidiasis than just that. To successfully eliminate Candidiasis from your body completely, the ideal way would be a holistic treatment that takes care of ALL the major and minor factors contributing to Candidiasis, and helps restore your natural physical and emotional vitality. This not only makes your system internally defended against Candida overgrowth, but also brings with it a younger, healthier and stronger body. Holistic treatment is the best and the safest as it does not any cause side-effects, and alleviates the problem at the root.

Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

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Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

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