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Yeast Infection Treatment that WORKS

Yeast infections treatments can beroughly divided into three categories: home treatments that are aimed at relieving the symptoms; prescribed medications and OTCs; and comprehensive holistic treatments. These remedies vary in durability, ease of implementation, acceptability, and most important, in their potential to provide long term Candida infection control and prevention.

Yeast Infection Treatment

The main reason for the huge demand for yeast infection treatments is the rise in prevalence of this disease during the last decades, especially among woman. Nearly 75 percent of all western women will have Candida infection at least once in their lifetime. Those yeast infection sufferers deal with a variety of debilitating symptoms, from burning and itching in the affected area to chronic fatigue, musce pain, rashes, sleepiness and physical exhaustion.

Basically, yeast infection, or Candidiasis, is caused by one of several varieties of candida, including C. albicans, C. glabrata and C. tropicalis. The most common is C. albicans, which is responsible for approx. eighteen percent of all yeast infections. Most individuals have these organisms in the moist , warn body environments, such as the mouth, male and female enitals and the intestinal tract.

In a healthy individual, yeast organisms are balanced by friendly microorganisms (also referred to as probiotics ) and thus cause little harm. However, when Candida shifts to its pathogen form (a condition reffered to as candida overgrowth that is triggered by a set of internal and external factors) can cause common candidiasis symptoms.

Medications and OTCs for Yeast Infection

Prescribed medications and OTCs, including pills, lotions, creams, troches (lozenges), and vaginal suppositories , appear to be very popular in treating yeast infections. Those medications can bedivided into two main categories: 

I. Azole-based drugs such as miconazole and fluconazole that are used to treat common Candida albicans. These antifungal drugs block the creation of ergosterol, a material of the yeast cell wall, thus weakening the yeast cell and eliminating it.

II. Polyene antifungals (i. e. nystatin and amphotericin B). Those antifungal drugs invade to the ergosterol yeast cell, forming artificial cavities in the yeast-wall and kill the yeast.

Two decades ago, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the greater part of what were the prescribed anti-yeast medicaments to be sold  OTC. Availability of these medications has been increased, yet there were also several negative side effects like misdiagnosis and excessive use of medication.

The fact is, most Candida infection medications provide nothing more than a temporary relief alongside a myriad of side effects, such as the killing of the friendly bacteria in the body, headaches, sweating, nausea, vomiting, pain, ulcers etc.

Natural Cure for Yeast Infection

Many yeast infection patients have chosen to avoid prescribed and OTC drugs and follow a natural approach, such as adopting healthy dietary patterns , detoxing, keeping good personal hygiene and intake of different herbal supplements. The recent research conducted in one of the NY hospitals revealed that yogurt (the sort containing active lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria) is effective as a home remedy for vaginal candidiasis.

It is important to note that since Candida infection is a complex condition triggered by a set of environmental, lifestyle and internal factors, most home remedies are not cures per se. In order to cure your candidiasis in a safe, effective and lasting manner, holistic yeast infection therapy is strongly recommended. All natural holistic therapy is based on comprehensive dietary and lifestyle changes (i. e. avoiding Candida-aggravating foods, supplementing the diet with immune strengthening  minerals and vitamins etc.), detoxification, and the intake of specific herbal supplements. The all natural holistic therapy provides provides a safe yeast  infection treatment that can stop and prevent its recurrence permanently.

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Yeast Infection during Pregnancy, Yeast Infection Prescriptions, Yeast Infection Remedies, Yeast Infection Symptoms, Yeast Infection Treatment

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