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Can Yoga Help Cure Yeast Infection?

Can the daily practice of yoga be beneficial for yeast infection sufferers? While the true connection between yoga and yeast infection hasn't yet been studied adequately, a recent research on yoga provided interesting findings on the subject, showing how the daily implementation of yoga principals is likely to benefit yeast infection sufferers.

Yoga For Yeast Infection


Also known as candidiasis, yeast infection is caused by Candida fungi, microorganisms that normally inhabit the warm, moist environments of the genitals, mouth, throat, gastrointestinal tract, and the digestive system. As long as the beneficial gastrointestinal bacteria balance the yeast, it will have no impact on one's overall health. However, under certain conditions Candida can begin to multiply rapidly, and shift from yeast to fungal form. Simultaneously, it produces root like structures that tear the walls of the intestines and penetrate the blood stream, thus causing yeast infection related symptoms.   

Reasons for Candida overgrowth

There are several contributing factors, which can lead to candida overgrowth. Among those factors are:


1. Weakened immune system (due to other health impairments, lack of nutritional force, or the intake of immunosuppressing drugs, such as antibiotics) that fails to control fungi overgrowth.


2. Extra consumption of foods that feed Candida (i.e. sweets, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, caffeine).


3. Stress and / or poor mental state that weaken immune system and elevates blood sugar levels, thus encourage Candida overgrowth.


4. The Accumulation of toxins in the blood and the digestive tract that worsen digestion, stress the liver and therefore hinder the normal defense process of the body against candida.


What is Yoga and how is it an effective cure?

Yoga is a group of ancient spiritual practices that emphasize conscious living and tapping into one's inner potential for happiness, mental and physical health. While yoga principles are not originally created to heal Candida infections, some of those methods can help eliminate part of the primary conditions that lead to this medical impairment. For instance, yoga relaxation techniques place huge emphasis on mental focus, alongside with physical postures and breathing. This can greatly and positively help manage stress and strengthen the immune system.


Moreover, yoga philosophy supports internal cleansing and detoxification of the human organism by means of fasting. Clogged and sluggish digestive system and congested toxins in the blood and lymph are in fact the primary Candida contributing factors. The first rule of thumb regarding the vast majority of western diseases in to discharge toxic matter, remove mucus and restore the natural elimination process. Without that step nothing significant can be accomplished.


Finally, the dietary principles outlined in the yoga philosophy emphasize the importance of balanced food combining and eating in harmony with the needs and constitution of your body. Optimal dietary habits and proper food combining can enhance digestion thus can also be helpful in the battle against candida infection.


Despite the fact that implementing yoga principles and practices can be highly beneficial to your overall physical and mental health and in your battle against candida overgrowth, practicing yoga is only part of the puzzle and is definitely not yeast infection cure per se. Yoga principles can help you eliminate your candidiasis and prevent its recurrence only when combined with additional means of alternative medicine, such as the intake of specific herbal and vitamin supplements, dietary changes, detoxification and the while focusing on killing candida and restoring the natural intestinal balance.


Did you know that the holistic all natural approach is the only method that tackles the yeast infection internal environment from the root thus eliminating all candida related symptoms and prevent their recurrence permanently?


Yoga For Yeast Infection

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Yoga For Yeast Infection

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