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Yogurt for Yeast Infection: Does It REALLY Work?

Yogurt for yeast infection is considered to be a simple home remedy, which is supposed to be extremely effective in curing all forms of yeast infections. However, there is still much confusion and doubt regarding the genuine efficiency of yogurt for curing yeast infection.

Yogurt For Yeast Infection

Is yogurt really effective?

 Yogurt is a natural remedy, which is effective to a certain extent to treat yeast infection. Yogurt is considered to be effective specially for recurring yeast infection. In fact, even conventional medication has accepted the fact that consumption of yogurt regularly can help prevent yeast infection. Yogurt is also considered to be effective to a certain extent when it comes to treating the infection. This is because, yogurt contains lactobacillus cultures that can control and counteract the effects of candida fungus that leads to yeast infection. Yeast infection also pales before the live cultures found in yogurt. Hence, half a cup of yogurt a day can help you keep yeast infection at bay.

Using yogurt for yeast infection

There are many different ways in which you can use yogurt for yeast infection. However, before using it in any form ensure that you are not allergic to yogurt. Also, rather than commercial yogurt, you should consider home made yogurt for healing purposes. This is because added preservatives can kill the natural live cultures making it ineffective. If it is not possible to have home made yogurt, you can also go in for the natural plain yogurt for healing purposes. Typically, yogurt can be taken internally and it can also be used externally. You can consume yogurt to prevent the growth of candida fungus. This is a long-term plan. For getting short-term relief, you can even apply yogurt on the affected area, or else insert it in the vagina if you have vagina yeast infection. However, this may cause a lot of mess and discomfort. It is therefore recommended that you use yogurt internally for yeast infection.

Shortcomings of yogurt for yeast infection

Though yogurt can relive you from yeast infection temporarily, it cannot cure yeast infection. This is because; the live cultures can target candida fungus and not the cause that leads to the growth of the fungus in the first place.  There are different brands of yogurt available in the market. However very few of them are really effective and tested for healing purposes.  Yogurt also cannot work that effectively for severe forms of yeast infection. Also, yogurt can give only short-term relief to the patient and is not effective in the long run. Therefore the effectiveness of yogurt is limited.

Actually, a single factor can really cure yeast infection. In order to completely root out the cause of the infection, you may have to look for other comprehensive form of treatment like the holistic approach. Holistic approach is very effective, as it does not restrict itself to hackneyed forms of treatment. The natural methods of treatment coupled with the sensitivity towards individual cases ensures that holistic treatment is a much better option as compared to yogurt for yeast infection when curing this uncomfortable and nasty condition. 

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